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FREEDOM: How much is too much?

The RCPA & LBSA will be hosting a forum on March 17, 2011 from 9am to 11am about Wikileaks…we will be trying to look at the controversial organization through five different perspectives:

1) Journalism (is Wikileaks a journalistic organization. If so, what rights should it be afforded?)
2) Legal (If Wikileaks is a journalistic organization, what legal shelter is available? If it is not a journalistic organization, is it then perceived differently under the eyes of the law? Why? How?)
3) Ethical (Is Wikileaks conducting itself in an ethical manner? Is the goal transparency? How do the pros outweigh the cons, when there are no secrets?)
4) Business (How will companies change the methods by which they conduct business, knowing that anything can be freely broadcast at any time? - this goes beyond the realm of whistleblowing from an Enron-esque perspective)
5) Government (same as business except also includes policy making)

There will be many prominent figures of the media, government, politics, business as well as the institute of cyber crime, the event is free and breakfast will be served. It is not only a great opportunity to learn about Wikileaks and these varying perspectives but also to network with professionals and your fellow peers.

Seating is limited seating so please arrive promptly. The event will take place at Cara Commons on the first floor of the TRS.


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